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Francine Oprescu



Francine Oprescu is an ecstatic writer with no filter. Born and raised in Southern California in a beautifully chaotic home, she now calls the Pacific Northwest home. Her upbringing boiled her blood to unravel deep ancestral roots where she found a love for word expression through storytelling, poetry, and spirituality. As a channeler her creative spunk compels her to share the pain, happiness, wisdom, and truth of all her beings. May her many voices be heard and felt in your heart.


Creating memories and inspiring others through emotional and empowering poetry and storytelling, all the while helping you enhance your spirituality, in everyday life, and beyond.


My passion is spirituality. Spirituality is an unwavering faith, devotion to a force outside of me, and the ability to be a a hollow vessel to the unknown primal energy. With this form of spirituality, I endure great sacrifices in my human relationships, because of my otherworldly experiences. I am willing to seek the truth of my beingness, of my true reality. Like being in the human experience, as it was designed. Enduring all of the sacrifices of living to receive the mead of life.

As an ecstatic healer, I help to reveal traces of your past, present and future (to help you - not for any other reason). I allow divine guidance from my ancestors, my wisdom keepers and teachers to direct the healing using ancient feminine obsidian tools and other techniques to heal ancestral patterns, DNA imprints and physical ailments. My guides will heal the emotional patterns that cause physical diseases. Therefore, I merge with my guide and become the seer the spirit healer- a- shaman.  As a vessel divine spirit aligns your energetic self/soul with your will of life while removing lower entities from your field of being complete. This renewed sense of balance brings forward vast clarity, self-worth, health and accessible state of being gaining freedom. 

The old rivers run through me. The primordial voice of the mother, of the beginning of all things. As this vessel, I allow the true essence of my soul/my beingness to coarse through my veins. I run with the waters, sway with the winds and burn with the fires of time. I hold nothing back.

This is my unapologetic truth.

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