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Morning to night shapes change

a short afternoon to a long evening.

Sweet folds as deep gaze

overwhelmed by gentleness and masculinity.

Two souls.

Two figures.

Twin hearts, my beloved,

you shake all roots

all dizzy spells fall away.

A celestial embrace you are

my lamp in a dreary room

my covering when I shiver.

Skin of wine waters my lips,

kisses in which doves perch.


Discovering the deep ancestral roots where the exploration of personal expression through storytelling, poetry, and the deepening of spiritual beliefs untangles the soul.


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Knotted UP

Francine Oprescu

Francine Oprescu is an ecstatic writer with no filter. Born and raised in Southern California in a beautifully chaotic home, her life’s journey has taken her through landscapes all over the world including that of her heart. Her upbringing boiled her blood to unravel deep ancestral roots where she found a love for word expression through storytelling, poetry, and the deepening of her spiritual beliefs. As a trance channeler and healer, her connection to spirit along with her creative spunk compels her to share the pain, happiness, wisdom, and truth of all her beings.

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